It’s Lulu’s birthday

Well it was yesterday anyway. She was 4 years old. It seems a lifetime ago when we brought her after getting her on an emotional whim.  We tried a crate but she cried and destroyed the inside of it so she slept under our bed and we didn’t here another peep out of her and she still sleeps there.  She chewed our shoes, bags, toilet brushes, bannister, window ledge and handles, wallpaper but citronella helped the wooden things.  

That was 4 years ago and we remember those days with fondness (we can say that now) and she has turned into a lovely friend who knows us inside out. We are still trying to stop her jumping up but that will take time, perhaps another 4 years

Poor tired pups 

My newest granddog is Marvellous Marvin, the boxer. He is now  9 weeks. And boy did he nip and growl!! I saw he was worse when he was tired. He hadn’t got into any sort of routine, which is always hard with a young pup but a necessity. We realised soon that we made sure he slept a lot more than he was and the nipping stopped and therefore realised it was only when he was tired that he was so awful. My daughter through she had bought a monster. There are no young children in the house but a 15 year old and my daughter and her husband who loved this pup as a baby (As do we all)

Puppies need around 18-19 hours sleep on average and I know if there are young children in the house it is hard for them not to play with their delightful pup but pups need their time out to sleep. All new human mums can try and bear this in mind and life may get easier. 

I am writing this as I have seen it with my own eyes. How the pup actually changes Into a demon pup when he is tired

Lulu now

I have been sharing memories of Lulu as a pup and will carry on but what is she like now?  After all the chewing, weeing, nipping, problems with food,chopping the end of her tail off, etc she has become a little friend.  She sleeps in with me, is learning tricks all on her own!  She picks things up and puts her toys away. If I was a bit more consistent who knows what she can learn.  The goal is for her to be a PAT dog (Pet Assisted Therapy) but somehow I have to teach her to be calmer at first meeting people.  She still gets so excited meeting people she cries, as if she hasn’t ever been fussed!  This is the hardest thing (all hints would be gratefully received). She knows exactly what she has todo but it seems her body takes over her mind. She is nearly 4 now and she still goes mad when she sees anyone thinking everyone loves her and her name is “don’t jump”


In memory of Minnie 

She was my daughters dog who went to the rainbow bridge 21.2.16.   She was 12. She was a boxer. Why am I writing this in short sentences? Because writing about her is hard.  All our dogs mean the world to us but to my daughters family she was their third child. Could that dog be loved more. No.  Could she be treated more human. No.    I have had dogs all my live so my daughter and her family knew what is was like having a pet but Minnie was special. Of course.  She was nutty. Say no more. She knew what she wanted and got it but saying that she was kind gentle and loving to all who entered her space. My Lulu wasn’t that was towards her. Disliked Minnie intensive,   I think she was jealous as Minnie had to stay with us whilst moving homes. Minnie pretended she wasn’t there and when they went for walks together Lulu would do an elvis impression when no one could see. One lip would go up in a snarl without a growl. Lots of stories of Minnie but I don’t care what Lulu thinks.  We will miss her very much. RIP Minnie moo. We loved you

Joys of having a puppy – memories

No work today so thought I would relax – not – Lulu has other ideas – first the socks and then my slippers and leave the cat – no Lulu – where did you get that Lulu – dont run around Lulu – relax Lulu – cant take you for a walk Lulu you have just eaten – how did you find the other slipper Lulu -stop pawing the settee Lulu you have loads of other balls exactly the same what have YOU GOT NOW (oh its your own toy phew). my tea is now cold

A memory from 23 December 2012 

It’s a long time since I, lulu blogged – it has been because I have been so busy being naughty. At the moment whilst SHE is writing my story I am having a lovely chew of the woodwork – okay okay don’t shout. SHE went away and left me with Auntie Ruth for a month. I am soooo pleased Auntie Ruth was absolutely brilliant. She taught me to roll over, gave me toilet rolls to play with, let me eat the children’s cereal (she has a lot of grandchildren who did love me – well most of them). SHE did warn Auntie Ruth that I liked those things but Auntie Ruth didn’t heed all the warnings. Auntie Ruth said I could come back when I was three, wasn’t that nice of her. Apparently I have been driving HIM mad, I pulled the wallpaper off the wall but I know they wanted to redecorate so what was wrong with that!. I keep looking  

 at THEM reminding THEM I am still a baby and I will get up to mischief. HE found out that apparently I am teething so he put my toy in the freezer – doh – didn’t make any difference and then he gave me ice cubes. I do get bored and make a chewy mess but that’s their fault, they should remember to close the doors. My new thing is I love puddles, oh brilliant dirty wet puddles. So SHE puts me on the lead when one comes up and there’s a lot around at the moment! I don’t actually think that’s fair. At the moment I am waiting for my dinner, and waiting and waiting, I keep creeping up to her feet and trying to chew the telephone wire where she is typing – all good fun THEN FEED ME!!!!!

A Lulu anecdote 8th December 2012

My morning so far – woken up by the dog (after she woke me at 12.30) let her out
– went back to bed for an hour – came down cleaned cat’s mess – dog chewed wire -put
my breakfast on – cleaned dog’s mess – eat my breakfast – dog quiet she was chewing selotape, put that away she had got the toilet paper and the toilet brush – can I at least PLEASE have a cuppa – this was all in the space of one hour!!!!!! Oooops gota go she eating the pizza leaflet – that’s okay then